As a Maryland attorney and REALTOR, I know the importance you place on handling the largest and most important financial investment you'll ever make - your home. Information is knowledge -and knowledge is power- when buying or selling real estate.

The best decision you can make as a real estate consumer is empowering yourself by hiring a true professional who who has the information, knowledge and power to work for your best interests. I will be happy to help you through the exciting process of selling or buying a home. My team members and I work all over the State of Maryland. Harford County, Cecil County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City are just a few of the places we will go!

My team members and I will help you sell your home, help you find a new one, or assist you if you are an investor or thinking about becoming an investor. Who am I and why call me? I'm a mom, daughter, former New Yorker, lawyer, former prosecutor, homeowner, investor, Nancy Drew book reader, good friend, a fun-loving girl, really hard worker, and all around someone people like to know and hang-out with and LOVE to buy and sell real estate with. SO... if you are looking for a superior real estate agent - CALL CLEO !